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3 Tips on buying the perfect jewelry gift for your partner

I wanted to start a series of IGTV VLOGS that answered common questions that have been asked online regarding Jewelry but also wanted to be able to post it beyond my Instagram @kirstinnoelledesigns. So I hope you find this series helpful on my website and if you ever have any questions of your own you can send them over to me directly and I will try my very best to answer Jewelry questions for you!

Tip #1 - Buy something your partner will like

Today I wanted to talk about the perfect jewelry gift for your partner! Me being a female that has received jewelry in the past, I feel that if you are going to buy jewelry for your significant other - buy something you think they would like NOT something that you would like to see them wearing. Yes, it’s the thought that matters but all of us (women or men) we feel more confident wearing something that we were excited about wearing, that we enjoy, that we like. We don’t normally buy jewelry for ourselves so getting your partner something they will enjoy or that they would pick for themselves if you went shopping together.

Tip #2 - The stage of the relationship matters

When you are buying something for them the stage of the relationship has a lot to do with the purchase. For example, if you are at the beginning stages of your relationship (just dating) I would suggest buying your partner a small pair of silver earrings vs. a relationship that’s been going on for more than a few months where you can now begin to buy your partner gold earrings, necklaces or bracelets. And lastly, save the rings for later in the relationship - over a year or so where you feel more comfortable giving a ring that is not an engagement ring.

Tip #3 - Get the Price Point Right

I wanted to quickly touch on the price point based on the stage of the relationship for jewelry gifts. These can apply to any time of the year (this goes beyond Valentine's day). If it's early on in the relationship I would stay within the $100-$300 range, if it’s later in the relationship the sky's the limit! Spend whatever you want.

I hope you enjoyed this VLOG and that you share it with your friends and family. Follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook if you aren’t already and don’t forget to shop for exclusive custom jewelry over at my shop today!


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